Look Viñales, the weekend was great and, in the race, he finished tenth

Look Viñales, the weekend was great and, in the race, he finished tenth

07/23/2020 at 18:59 CEST


"Not only Marc, Alex and Cal have also returned. It’s incredible. Every rider who suffers an injury wants to return to racing as soon as possible. I am convinced that they will give their best and I am happy for them that they are back on track", Quartararo explained at the press conference prior to the Andalusian GP.

The Gaul explained that life has not "changed nothing" after his first MotoGP victory. "The feeling I had was incredible. I didn’t have the pressure to win the first race, but after doing it I realized that I took a lot of pressure off myself. The first thing I did was set up a meeting with my team to improve even more and make more differences. We will try to do our best this weekend", said.

In this sense, the Petronas Yamaha SRT rider stressed that the objective of every rider is to "get the best position with the bike you have" and that yours is "very good". "If we have four factory drivers in front of us, we are not more satisfied to be the first of the satellite teams", he clarified.

Alberto Puig confirms that Márquez will be tested only on Saturday

Charte assures that Márquez’s medical examination has been perfect

"One hundred percent confident" To try to repeat success, the first leader of the championship warned of the toughness that awaits this weekend. "There will be a lot of heat and difficulties. We haven’t had races for seven months and the first is the hardest. In the second we are more used to it, but it will be very hard due to the conditions", he concluded.

Marc Márquez is preparing to follow on television the third round of the World Championship, the GP of the Czech Republic, which starts this Friday in Brno. The Honda rider, who again underwent surgery on Monday after being detected in a review that the plate titanium that fixed the fracture of the humerus in his right arm had given way due to stress, he left the hospital the next morning and is already working on his rehabilitation in Cervera with his physiotherapist.

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Marc Márquez

Márquez, who underwent surgery for the first time on July 21, after his fall in the opening race in Jerez, tried to return in the second test at the Andalusian track, just six days later, but the swelling and bruise on his right arm left him they gave up.

Now, after the second intervention, the doctors and the team have not set deadlines for his return and as published by ‘El Periódico’, the MotoGp champion could skip the three races in August and return in Misano (11-13 September), although at this point no one but Márquez can decide when he is ready to return to action.

Marc, very touched by the injury and by all its subsequent consequences, both at the championship level and by the debate on social networks about his failed return in Jerez, has decided to take it easy, but does not forget his followers. On his twitter account, the ’93’ has sent them a significant message. "Falling is allowed, getting up is an obligation", writes.

Falling is allowed, getting up is an obligation &# 128170;&# 127996; Thanks to everyone for the messages of support! Falling is allowed, getting up is an obligation &# 128170;&# 127996; Thank you all for the messages of support! # MM93 pic.twitter.com/dwVrbJT0nS

– Marc Márquez (@ marcmarquez93) August 5, 2020

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Márquez will not be in Brno and the World Cup is complicated


Marc Márquez, MotoGP world champion, is the great absent from the Grand Prix that is being held this weekend in Austria. Marc Márquez is still in Cervera recovering from his injury to the humerus in his right arm without setting a return date.


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Marc Márquez

The Repsol-Honda team rider is not in a hurry and wants to be fully recovered before returning to the circuits to defend his title. At the moment, it seems that this return is going to last.

As reported by the Repsol-Honda team in a statement, Marc Márquez is not expected to reappear in the September races. "Marc Márquez will continue with his recovery period in the coming weeks"notes the team in its statement to add that "After studying and contrasting with different specialists the extent of the fracture in the humerus of the right arm that he suffered on July 19 during the Spanish Grand Prix, they have decided to modify the planned recovery plan".

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In this sense, they are not going to force the reappearance of the MotoGP world champion. "The objective of both Márquez and the Repsol Honda team is to return to competition when the arm is fully recovered, and it is estimated that it will take between two and three months before he can get back on his RC213V. HRC does not set a specific Grand Prix for the return of the current World Champion and will continue to report on the evolution of his recovery", Indicates the Repsol-Honda team.


For his part, Alberto Puig, Team Manager of the Repsol-Honda team, also recalls that "Much has been said about Marc’s recovery and the deadlines, but from the first moment, after the second operation, we have said that the only timeframe that exists is that he is fully recovered from his injury".

Pol Espargaró signs his first pole position and the first for KTM in MotoGP

Pol Espargaró: "I have risked everything in that lap"

"We don’t want to rush. When Marc is able to go back and compete as he knows, then we will think about the next goal", declared the Team Manager of the Repsol-Honda team.

A major scare that Valentino Rossi took in the MotoGP race in Austria. The Italian has been spared by centimeters from being hit at high speed by Franco Morbidelli’s motorcycle, which flew off in the middle of the track after an accident between the Brazilian and Johann Zarco.


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Laura López Albiac @LauraAlbiac


MotoGP – Austrian GP

An action by the Frenchman has cut Morbidelli’s trajectory and both have gone to the ground at the Red Bull Ring. His two bikes, without a rider, shot out with great force and crossed the track, with great damage that forced him to suspend the race with a red flag (and resume it after 20 laps).

Morbidelli’s bike passed between the two Yamaha Viñales and Rossi, who were launched and the Italian did very little to receive a blow with very important consequences.

These are the images of the accident:

&# 128562; Tremendous accident between @ JohannZarco1 and @ FrankyMorbido12! The bikes fly off https://worldbets.top/en/1xbet/ and they do not take @ ValeYellow46 and @ mvkoficial12 for a miracle! &# 127462;&# 127481; #MotoGP &# 127937; pic.twitter.com/51k9MFuXir

– DAZN Spain (@DAZN_ES) August 16, 2020

The moment has been so impressive that even Marc Márquez, who is at his home in Cervera injured and watching the race on television, has launched a message thanking Austria for the ‘miracle’.

&# 128591;&# 127996;&# 128591;&# 127996;&# 128591;&# 127996;

– Marc Márquez (@ marcmarquez93) August 16, 2020


In theory, today, Monday, August 5, the day after the Grand Prix of the Czech Republic, the 2020 season begins, they say, on the beautiful, popular and winding route of Brno. Today, they say, the great constructors present you to test the first prototypes for the next season to their official drivers. Today, they explain, Valentino Rossi will be able to test the Yamaha engine for 2020. Also today, Honda will make a new chassis available to Marc Márquez, the third of the season. And today, who knows, Ducati will bring out new gadgets so that Márquez does not escape even more in the next great prizes, for example, in which this weekend it is raced at Spielberg, in Austria, the 11th of the season.

Aug 5, 2019 at 11:17 am CEST

Emilio Pérez de Rozas

But the truth is that today, for the moment, while that frantic, they say, activity gets underway, the only thing that is talked about in the ‘paddock’ of Brno is the forcefulness and the way that Márquez is leading, with the hand of Iron, the MotoGP World Championship, already on the way to winning its sixth title in seven years and adding the eighth to its magnificent collection. When the Honda leader is asked who can complicate his life, the one from Cervera (Lleida) has only one answer: Andrea Dovizioso and his Ducati, of course.

“I’ve been saying it for a long time,” says Márquez as he waits for his mechanics to prepare the bike. “Dovizioso is the rider who imposes the most respect on me and whom I see as my main rival. The others appear and disappear, but ‘Dovi’ is always there. It is the most constant, the most regular, the one that never suffers ups and downs and, if you want to aspire to the title, you cannot fail in any grand prize and always score as high as possible. “Dovi” solves his bad days with a fourth or fifth place. The others do not. Look Viñales, the weekend was great and, in the race, he finished tenth. He came very strong, but in the race he was not up ”.

"’Dovi’ may not be the fastest, he can, but he never fails. His experience allows him to save his worst career with a fifth place".Marc Márquez, Repsol-Honda rider.

Márquez has always said that, on the track, Danilo Petrucci looks “and is” faster than ‘Dovi’. “It’s true, it may, I don’t doubt it, that ‘Dovi’ doesn’t have the speed of others, but he’s always there. It does not fail. His experience makes him very regular and constant. Yesterday, for example, it was a very, very, delicate grand prize, in which the track and the conditions in which it was being run had to be understood perfectly and Andrea knew how to make the correct reading.