I would like to have coaching from the person (laughs)

I would like to have coaching from the person (laughs)

Flo, Lukas and DJ Markus Paul surprised 11-year-old Xaver in the blind auditions of “” The Voice Kids “”. (Source: ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE)

The same is true of Max Giesinger and Sasha, who will also be seen as returnees in the upcoming eighth season. Giesinger was a juror in season six, Sasha in seasons four and five. Sasha is also the coach of “” The Voice Senior “”, while Max Giesinger celebrated his breakthrough after he was a candidate in the first season of “” The Voice “”. With “” The Voice Kids “” 2020 there is only one constant left over from the previous seasons: Lena Meyer-Landrut. The “” Silbermond “” front woman Stefanie Kloß, Mark Forster and The BossHoss from this year’s “” The Voice Kids “” edition are no longer there.

Voice Kids 2019: These children were in the final of the casting show “The Voice Kids” “: Blind girl thrilled the jury 

As this year, the show will be moderated by Melissa Khalaj and Thore Schölermann, and filming for the eighth season will begin in December. Sat.1 could not be satisfied with the ratings of the casting show. This year, the final reached the lowest reach in the history of “” The Voice Kids “” with 1.92 million viewers – with the new constellation the station hopes for improvement. 

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Nazan Eckes is the mother of two young sons. The moderator has now spoken to t-online.de about how her life has changed because of the children and whether she can imagine more offspring. 

Nazan Eckes is a real power woman. The 42-year-old is in front of the camera for RTL and is also raising two young sons with her husband Julian Khol. The offspring have changed their lives a lot, as the Turkish-born presenter t-online.de has now revealed. “” It’s a lot of organization. You have to plan a lot and do without a lot of things. I don’t do as many jobs or events as I used to, “” emphasizes the TV star. 

Nazan Eckes: Rare love selfie with husband Julian Private snapshot: Moderator Nazan Eckes shows us her siblings

However, Nazan Eckes does not feel that a lot has changed because of her children. On the contrary, it’s nice, but you just have to be ready for it. You can find out in the video above whether the model can imagine more offspring. 

In the new “” Asterix “” comic “” The Papyrus of Caesar “” “” Wikileaks “” founder Julian Assange appears as a comic figure Polemix.

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“” If this becomes known, it will cause a scandal that will shake the entire empire, “” Polemix tries to convince Asterix and the other heroes in “” The Papyrus of Caesar “”. It is his duty to “” watch the mighty on the fingers “”, so the Gallic revelator.

“” Caesar’s Papyrus “” appears this Thursday. In the 36th volume of the series, the Gallic investigative journalist Polemix clearly bears the facial features of the 44-year-old Australian Julian Assange, who once brought the US secret service NSA with its platform “” Wikileaks “” into difficulty.

Gallic investigative journalism

Polemix informs the villagers about the events in the Roman Empire through its newspaper “” Gallische Revue “”. Although they are primarily interested in their horoscope, they also learn that Julius Caesar has just published a book in far-off Rome – an allusion to “The Gallic War”, in which Caesar reports on his war successes. Not only die-hard Asterix fans know, of course, that at least one piece of Gaul is not under Rome’s thumb.123helpme.me A fact that the power man Caesar would like to withhold from his Senate.

To prevent Caesar’s secret from gnawing at the general’s reputation, the shrewd PR consultant Syndicus should decide the battle on the information front in his favor. True to the motto of the legendary director Alfred Hitchcock, “” the better the villain, the better the film “” the makers of this character went to great lengths. The model for Syndicus was allegedly several advisors to France’s ex-president Nicolas Sarkozy.

Magic potion and beating

Asterix and his round buddy Obelix find themselves in the middle of a propaganda campaign, but in addition to all seriousness, according to the creators, as usual, the laughs will not be neglected. In addition to the revelations by Reporter Polemix, the Gauls will certainly also fall back on the famous magic potion and push many a Roman legionnaire back south with a punch.

The story of “” The Papyrus of Caesar “”, which deals with the control of information, is the second volume by Jean-Yves Ferri (text) and Didier Conrad (drawings). You had replaced Albert Uderzo two years ago.

Second “” Asterix “” without Uderzo

The preliminary circulation of four million copies suggests that the publisher is quite certain of the success of the 36th volume. But while the predecessor “” Asterix at the Picts “” aroused a lot of curiosity in the followers just by the new author Jean-Yves Ferri and the new draftsman Didier Conrad, the successor has to convince through content. Uderzo, who has been running the series on his own since 1977 after the death of the author René Goscinny and who also worked in the background for the predecessor, at least supported the successors: “” The two of them no longer need me, “explained the 88-year-old .

Compared to the first band of their own, the two newcomers were able to take more time this time and decided to take up a politically explosive and topical issue. “” We were looking for something to do with today’s world; who controls the news, the communication, “reveals author Ferri.

“” It’s a bit like Hollywood “”

The California-based cartoonist Conrad takes a sporty view of the prospects for success of her second work: “” It’s a bit like Hollywood – if you make a film and it flops, you don’t know whether it will continue. And if this album doesn’t work, I don’t know if we’ll do another one. That is normal. “” However, he and Ferri are not completely pessimistic: Both are already thinking about the content of their third joint volume.

For a long time, Lena Meyer-Landrut was considered a bit over it. To many she felt too self-confident, too bitchy and too annoying. In the t-online.de interview, the 27-year-old has now revealed that she was too much for herself. 

When Lena Meyer-Landrut comes to visit us in the t-online.de editorial office, one notices pretty quickly why this young woman arouses such great interest among people. She has a glamorous charisma and at the same time appears down-to-earth, personable and funny. 

The singer comes in in casual jeans combined with high heels and a simple turtleneck top. She has a companion with her. “” This is my mom, by the way, “she says casually. The mother looks proud, but not too proud either. You are used to some unique behavior when dealing with celebrities, but you will look in vain with Lena Meyer-Landrut. No extra wishes, no airs. The reason for her visit is her new dubbing role in the animated film “” Willkommen im Wunder Park “”. 

Lena Meyer-Landrut through the ages
Photo series with 20 pictures

When we noticed in the camera interview that her skin was a little shiny, the Hanoverian-born ran across the editorial office and powdered her nose quickly. No make-up artist there, it doesn’t matter. 

Visiting the t-online.de editorial team: Lena Meyer-Landrut. (Source: Copyright: Robert Recker)

In the interview, she talks to us about the fact that success may have come a little too quickly, how she mucked out in her private life and how she is currently about to become a “” normal person “”. 

t-online.de: Ms. Meyer-Landrut, you speak the role of June in the film “Welcome to the Wonder Park” “, did you also have difficulties?

Lena Meyer-Landrut: For me it is very easy and beautiful. I totally enjoy it. But it is also relatively easy for me because I have a lot of fun doing it. There are of course a few stressful situations. For example, if you can’t do something. Sometimes you get caught in the sentences and get tangled. The only thing that was really exhausting are screaming scenes. When you fall and stumble, it can be difficult. You have to be there with full ardor. When June falls out of a moving roller coaster, it has to sound authentic. And when you have to do that ten or twenty times in a row, you need a short break.

“” Willkommen im Wunder Park “” hits theaters on April 11th. (Source: Paramount Pictures)

June is torn apart by an inner darkness. Did you identify with it? Have you ever had dark clouds in your life?

I think everyone has. I would be amazed at the person who has never had anything like it. I would then like to have a coaching session from the person (laughs). There are small and big darks. Some phases accompany you for years, sometimes it is only a few hours. I think that’s part of life. It also includes taking responsibility for yourself and overcoming this darkness with a forgiving manner and clarity. So that you can see the light again afterwards. It’s been described quite nicely in the film.

You are now 27 years old and have achieved as much as others in a lifetime. Is it all too fast for you sometimes? 

Right now, I’m not someone who does the what-if question and worries about it. It happened very, very quickly, that’s true. There have been situations that were wild and a lot. There were situations in which I was too much for myself and where I wasn’t feeling so well. It was of course hard for me to be watched by a lot of people during this entire phase. That doesn’t allow you to be completely free. Nevertheless, I tried to do the best I could for myself. I think you just learn a lot and when you are open you learn even more and you can take a lot with you. I’m actually grateful for how it all happened.

What do you mean, you were too much for yourself?

I was just overwhelmed with everything. Overstrained with my job, overwhelmed with the public and with the attention. But also overwhelmed with the private dealings, how do I deal with my family and friends. Easy on all levels. I didn’t know what best to do anymore. My intuition and feeling have been blurred by everything that has been beating down on me. I could no longer act and react clearly. In that sense I was too much for myself. That’s why I said I had to protect myself here for a moment. I saw myself and thought: I’m not at all. I felt like I had to change something. Now I’m well on the way to being a normal person.

What exactly did you change?

At some point I had a point where I said: up to here and no further. We are now taking a break and also a termination. I gave up everything privately and professionally. I threw my album in the bin once. In my private life I went in search of myself. On a journey to clarity, I still deny that journey. The songs I wrote during that time have a lot to do with this journey and the topics I dealt with during that time.

Did you also muck out privately? 

Sure, I mucked out privately and thought about what is important to me and what is not important to me. What has value and what have I only distracted myself so as not to concern myself with the truth. That’s not nice because most of the time these are very uncomfortable topics. Lots of small construction sites that you then fight. 

You are followed by over 2.6 million people on Instagram, for many you are a role model. Who is your role model?

I have no role model. Artistically and privately, I have people whom I orient myself to and who I like. But for me there is not one truth to which I orient myself. I think it is best to look for what is in you and what you feel is the right and important path for yourself.

This is the fourth time you have spoken in sync. Can you imagine making a film as an actress?

Yes, I can imagine. But then I’d like to make a really cool film. I would like to deal with that a lot and prepare myself well with acting classes. A romantic comedy with love and such would not be for me.

Thank you, Lena Meyer-Landrut.

“” Willkommen im Wunder Park “” starts in cinemas on April 11th. 

Wet hair, a bare face and a defined body core: Nazan Eckes is currently showing a completely different side on Instagram.

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Nazan Eckes is currently enjoying the sunny side of life. For two and a half weeks, the presenter has been letting go of the soul in Turkey.